Welcome to Dr. Whitson.com

Vision Statement
Those who come in kindness seeking health of spirit and body give us direction. Our excellence is more than the sum of the excellence that we each bring: and by caring for each other we amplify the quality of what we are able to give. We do make a difference!!

We've made our waiting room comfortable with Native American art, plants, and an eclectic library. The key was not to look like a waiting room. We've streamlined to expedite your waiting time.

Our focus as health care providers is on disease prevention. Since some form of artery disease is responsible for fifty percent of all American deaths we aggressively address that risk. Cholesterol, lifestyle, blood pressure, diabetic status, including early indications of diabetes, family history, etc. are assessed to understand your risk and then we act using treatments that work!! We use both natural products and pharmaceuticals; the key is: we use what works!!!

We address your risk for other conditions with current screening recommendations I.e.: colon, breast, well woman, and child care....etc.

We are integrated into the Tri City health community and access specialty referral when needed. We strive to remain updated on current trends in medicine. Dr. Whitson attends medical seminars at the University of Washington at which physicians active in cardiac disease prevention present their research as well as other UW presentations by people active in respective fields.

In addition to Dr. Whitson, D.O. (residency as Case Western Reserve in Family Practice) we are honored to have Mary Hughes, ARNP providing general care and Dixie Bone, ARNP providing well woman care.

Both Dixie and Mary are practical in their selection of treatments. They are knowledgeable in alternative treatments and are able to discuss best out come therapies. They are particularly careful to see each patient as unique and treatments are tailored individually.

Welcome to our practice!! Sink into a couch with a good book and relax. Your wait will be reasonable.

Dixie Bone, ARNP-
Womens Heatlh Care on Tuesdays